on March 22 and March 29


Gospel Fellowship,

Unfortunately, we are going to have to cancel in-person worship for the next two weeks, March 22 and 29, and replace them with an online service. We are going to leave April 5th indefinite for the moment and decide on that date when the time comes. It is our desire to protect our own people from any danger, and to comply with all reasonable recommendations and guidelines from our governmental officials. We will be moving to our "Plan B" and hosting a online worship service on our Youtube Channel. Here is the link:

It might be good for you to go ahead and visit the channel, subscribe, and hit the notifications bell. Subscription is not necessary, but is helpful.

Thank you for watching our Online Bible Studies this week! Participation was excellent, given the circumstances. We recognize there was some bandwidth issues with today's Bible study, but we believe these are correctable technological issues on our end. Sunday morning is not going to be a Broadway production from a technological standpoint, but that never was the point anyway. Our desire is to worship God faithfully and share His Word, given that we are in tumultuous and unprecedented times.

I will attempt to get a basic order of worship out to you all in the next 48 hours in time for the service at 11:00AM on the Lord's Day. Please pray that all will go well as we attempt to gather digitally and experience fellowship together in the best way that we can!

Hang in there; we are in this together, but we are never alone in Christ!

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Matthew


Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church

Covid-19 Strategic Plan


Be merciful to me, O God, be merciful to me! For my soul trusts in You;

And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge,

Until these calamities have passed by.

 (Psalm 57:1 NKJV)



This strategic plan will go into effect immediately March 17th, and last until the 9th of April, 2020 (Maundy Thursday). This plan will be reassessed no later than Monday Night, April 6th at 7pm, in time to make adjustments for Holy Week, if necessary. If the situation continues to change dynamically, Session will adapt the plan as necessary given new information. 



    3/19 UPDATE: In-Person Worship is CANCELLED on 3/22 and 3/29


Gospel Fellowship PCA will continue meeting in person for holy worship on the Lord’s Day, at 11:00 A.M. For those unable to attend, we will record a full video of the entire worship service, to be played on tape delay on our “Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church” Youtube page, hopefully by 6pm Sunday evening. 


CAUTIONS: Session urges members, visitors, and regular attenders to take extreme precaution in determining whether or not public worship is appropriate for you and your family. We strongly advise persons to not attend if they are: generally concerned about the safety of public gatherings, have reservations of conscience given the unusual circumstances, are currently ill or experiencing symptoms of sickness, have pre-existing medical conditions, have immuno-compromised resistance to illness, are of especially vulnerable age given the unique dangers of this virus, or have sick persons in their immediate family.  Session believes that attendance at worship is a matter of personal conscience and wisdom. We find no fault in those choosing not to attend. 


CONTINGENCY PLAN: If the Governor of the Commonwealth of PA forbids churches to gather in person during this time, Gospel Fellowship will comply with such a direct order (Romans 13:1). Pastors Matthew and David will then lead Sunday services online using a simple, but standard order of worship, similar to our current practice. We encourage all members to subscribe to and bookmark the “Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church” Youtube channel to be prepared for the possibility of online services. 




All current 9:30 AM Sunday School classes for adults and children are postponed until further notice. Unfortunately, this includes our inquirers class for membership at this time. We will make up these courses at our earliest convenience. 



All regular Bible Studies are postponed at this time until further notice. (See “Timing” above). This includes Bible studies and Fellowship Groups at the church, in members’ homes, and other locations. 


We will replace these studies with two online Bible studies on Wednesday Evening at 7 P.M. (Pastor Matthew) and Thursday Mornings at 11:00 A.M. (Pastor David). These will take place on our “Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church” Youtube page. 


  • Wednesday Night Adult Study

    • Replaced with Online Content 

  • Wednesday Night (Kids/Youth)

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Thursday Morning Adult Study

    • Replaced with Online Content

  • Women’s Study (Monday, Hohman)

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Women’s Study (Tuesday, Gibson)

    • Postponed Indefinitely

  • Women’s Study (Saturday, Shoenthal)

    • Postponed Indefinitely

  • Widow’s Study

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Men’s Studies (Wednesdays, Fridays)

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Choir Practice

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Praise and Preparation

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Nursery Services

    • Postponed Indefinitely  

  • Fellowship Groups (O’Leary, Everhard)

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Leadership Class (Mar. 21, 28, Apr. 4)

    • Postponed Indefinitely  

  • Inquirers Class

    • Postponed Indefinitely  

  • Marriage Class

    • Postponed Indefinitely  

  • Galatians Class

    • Postponed Indefinitely 


Other Events and Items

  • Talent Show (March 28)

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Homeschool Classical Conversations 

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Volleyball

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Women’s Exercise Group

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • PA March for Life (March 18th)

    • Postponed Indefinitely 

  • Hymn Sing (March 29)

    • Postponed Indefinitely  

  • Maundy Thursday

    • Continue as planned

  • Good Friday

    • Continue as planned

  • Sunrise Service

    • Continue as planned

  • Easter Pancake Breakfast

    • Canceled 

  • Easter 

    • Continue as planned

  • CRP Interviews

    • Via conference calls 

  • Installation Service O’Leary (March 29)

    • Postponed Indefinitely 




Greeters will open doors for worshippers to avoid touching handles. There will be no handshaking. We will offer hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes at the door. Bulletins will be picked up, rather than handed out. Extra large print bulletins will be prepared for those concerned with touching our hymnals. Worshippers are advised to sit at least six feet from other attendees to practice social distancing. 



The offering will be collected before and after services, using a drop off system in a plate near the back. We will continue doing music “offertory” as we think of our theology of giving. Those choosing not to attend in person will be encouraged to send their checks in the mail, drop them off in the office, or give online. You can give online with this link:


The Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper will be postponed for the time being, to be revisited at the April 6th session meeting. We recognize that this is an important part of our worship, but believe the risks of sharing germs to be great at the moment. We apologize for the disruption. 


Additional Sanitization & Cleaning        

In addition to our regular cleaning services, staff and volunteers will perform additional sanitization procedures to prepare the church for in person worship. This will include sanitizing doors, handels, lights, pews, and high-contact surfaces. Please consider volunteering at the church on Saturdays at noon if you would be willing to help with this service. 




Elderly & Shut-ins       

Phone calls, letters, and cards - All member ministry is encouraged! Please use this opportunity to reach out to others regularly who are isolated due to social distancing. Isolation can make people feel tremendously lonely during this time. Be a light of hope! Be a friend! Help make someone’s day with friendly thought!


Pastoral Visitation    

Pastoral visits will still be performed on request during this crisis, especially for those who are sick, ill, or dying. Please let us know if you need our presence! Our pastors are ordained for “such a time as this,” and are willing to serve in this way upon request. Our Women’s Ministry is likewise willing to prepare & deliver meals for drop off only during this crisis for those in duress. 


Death and the Dying       

Our Pastors will continue to coordinate funeral services throughout this crisis. Some memorial services may be postponed several weeks, with the agreement of  the families of the deceased, until the imminent threat of the virus passes (May or June?). Women’s Ministry will coordinate drop-off meals instead of funeral dinner gatherings during this time to avoid cross-contamination. 


Groceries & Med Pickup

The church will attempt to coordinate grocery and med pickup and drop off for those most affected. We will try to accommodate as many as possible. Those at lesser risk of infection should consider volunteering to do shopping for those at greater risk. A coordinator will be designated for this service. Christopher Wadding is coordinating this. Please contact Chris at 724-996-1130 or


Mercy Ministry Fund       

Our Deacons will coordinate the distribution of mercy ministry funds for those experiencing lost pay. Limitations and restrictions apply. Of course, we will only be able to do so much during this crisis. Contact your Deacons directly for this service. 


Elder Flock Lists           

Our elders will attempt to call all members of their flocks. We will ask three questions - (A). How is your general well-being? (B). What specific needs do you have? (C). How can we pray for you? Elders will encourage members with a brief reminder of the Gospel - 1. Death has no power over those who are in Christ! 2. We rest & receive Christ’s saving grace through faith. 3. We trust in God’s fatherly protection and care. 




Initial Contact of Leaders       

Phone calls/emails will be made to leaders of our regular ministries which are affected by initial schedule change.



Maintain as usual - this full strategic plan will be printed in an upcoming edition, with any updated information as of press time. 


Church Website       

Our church website is excellent and well-maintained. Any important information will be posted there. Members are advised to check it regularly in the case of important updates.


Prayer Email         

To be maintained as usual by Janice Hohman. During this crisis, let us be careful to prioritize prayer requests that are the most relevant. Email her at



Social media has obvious strengths and weaknesses as we all know. In times of crisis, social media has the positive advantage of being able to communicate both broadly/widely and specifically/personally. For those who use Facebook, we encourage regular use and communication through our “Gospel Fellowship PCA Members” group. Major announcements will be made on both the public page and members’ group. Contact the church office if help is needed in joining this group page. We encourage all members to use this page to full advantage to communicate vital information. 


Youtube Channel 

Pastor Matt will continue to post content on both his personal Youtube page as well as the Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church Youtube page. Pastor Matt will give a general summary of this report on an upcoming video. Videos will be shared and linked through social media, and our church website. We encourage subscription and notification to the “Gospel Fellowship Presbyterian Church” Youtube channel and participation in our regular online devotions (see above). During live videos, members are encouraged to participate in the “chat” features to facilitate group cohesion and reduce loneliness during social distancing. 


“Call Only” List (Members with No Internet)

A “call only” list will be created and maintained to attempt to reach out to those who do not have the internet, a computer, email, or social networking. All members should be encouraged to please take initiative to reach out to these persons personally to show compassion and care. If you are aware of persons in this category, please let a pastor know, or take the initiative to communicate to them directly by phone call. 




1. Check with other churches in Ascension Presbytery to see if they have any needs.

2. Ask schools and hospitals if they have emergency needs. 

3. Childcare - encourage members to help each other in whatever ways are possible, given the complexities of germ-sharing during this time. 

4. Middlesex PCA - communicate early re: Holy Week services. 

5. Reach out to your neighbors and family during this time to be a witness! 

6. Maintain charitable giving patterns during this time of crisis. Encourage steadfastness and trust!  




This is a time that calls for great patience and forbearance. None of us has been through something quite like this before. There is no “rule book” on what to do in a pandemic. Given the pace of incoming information and transpiring events, we are doing the best we can. We may need to modify this plan in the coming days. Please know that your pastors and elders love you very much. In no way would we ask you to compromise your own safety or health. As always, use your best wisdom and conscience when choosing to participate in worship or other public gatherings. Please pray for us as we continue to make difficult decisions in “real time.” 

Sunday Worship is ONLINE-ONLY on April 5.

Access recorded worship services, mid-week Bible Studies, and other special messages at our YouTube channel.

See the Sermons page for downloadable worship bulletins.

Service Times

Sunday School @ 9:30 AM

Praise Singing @ 10:40 AM

Worship @ 11:00 AM


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